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James Ewen Powell



Led by James, founder and Director, James Ewen Powell ltd has built up an impressive portfolio of gardens that combine elegant contemporary design with innovative use of materials, and planting. We offer a seamless garden design service, from design, construction, and planting, working on small courtyards, roof terraces and large suburban gardens to country estates. Having experience in the private and commercial sector we can help with any needs you may have.

We understand that having a garden built can be an unnerving task but we aim to guide you through effortlessly with our experience and knowledge, working collaboratively throughout the whole process to ensure the garden is perfect for you. We can provide inspiration and expertise to help you transform your garden into something truly wonderful. Drawing up new designs starting from scratch or offer re designs to really make the most of what you have already, working closely with the client through all aspects of the design to make sure the garden really is unique and specific to you.

Before we start any work in the design studio we will first have an initial consultation where we get to know the client and take them through the design process. At this stage we find out about your ideas and what you would like to achieve and take in the garden for the first time. After the initial consultation we will send you a proposal setting out the initial brief, the stages of the design process, the services we offer, our fees and terms.

If you agree to go ahead with our proposal we will start creating a design for you. This starts with a detailed brief and site survey from which we produce detailed scaled plans, test soil conditions, take site aspect, drainage, boundaries, access, and existing services. This will also give you the opportunity to gain a clear picture of what will be achieved.

Once all the above is done we will start to produce a masterplan and planting plan. In this stage we will generate a concept for your garden and produce a detailed proposed design with 3d supporting visuals, and we will walk you through the designs and give you a better understanding of what the finished article will look like. We also produce a planting plan of all plants selected for the garden and where they are situated. Once Masterplan and Planting Plan have been finalised and accepted we then go into the Construction phase of the garden.

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