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James Ewen Powell



We manufacture and produce bespoke polished concrete products for use in indoor or outdoor environment. Our polished concrete is flexible in its scope and is unlimited in design possibilities. We are able to create high quality custom made polished concrete countertops, wall panels. furniture, tables, and fire tables. There are endless possibilities with what you can design and build with concrete and we will guide you through the features we could incorporate in your garden. We also offer bespoke colour and sizes to work to match your needs, with every piece being bespoke and hand made by our artisan.

We are fully trained GFRC specialists having trained with well known industry specialists to produce high quality polished concrete. It has taken years of experience to understand the process of making GFRC concrete with the correct mix designs, temperatures, mould design, water content and many other complicated aspects to get to where we are today. The concrete we produce our team are very proud of, with many hours going in to each piece to ensure its perfect for the client to enjoy. 


The concrete process can often get confused with regular precast concrete thats used in wall footings or concrete bases, the two are worlds away from another. GFRC is high performance special mix concrete with 9 different ingredients specially weighed out to exact amounts for each mix, it's both more elastic and a lot stronger than its pre cast cousin. The build process is also a lot different, we spray our concrete into moulds that we fabricate for every piece, once sprayed the concrete is then heated and covered to set and once set we release the mould, polish to a glass smooth finish and seal to ensure scratch, stain and abrasion resistance. Its' a long winded and complicated process but the end result is always worth the time spent.

We incorporate Bespoke Concrete into a lot of our design and build work due to its endless usages and beautiful looks,  and able to male a number of beautiful pieces that provide focal points to the garden. Whether it's something you’ve thought about, or have seen in a magazine we will be able to make it, or we can alternatively design a piece to perfectly suit your garden.

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